At South Jersey Driving School, we offer driver education to help keep you safe and confident on the road.  Whether you’re a first-time driver or you’ve been driving for a while, we have a variety of courses that will help you become more comfortable and knowledgeable behind the wheel.


The Combo

This Combination of a 1-hour review lesson immediately followed by our signature Road Test service will prepare you for your Road Test and a lifetime of safe driving. This is a great service if you already know how to drive but, you need to brush up on your skills and need that boost of confidence and tips from South Jersey Driving School. We offer this service at the Delanco or Cherry Hill Motor Vehicle Testing Centers. Give us a call to set up your “COMBO” today!  

What a great deal at $195 (cash only)

*This service is for students meeting us at the Delanco or Cherry Hill test center or our Moorestown office.

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Behind-the-Wheel driving lessons are available to first-time drivers — whether you’re 16 years old or you’re an adult. The course includes six hours of driving lessons, three sessions 2 hours each.

Upon successful completion of a minimum 6-hour behind-the-wheel course, the student driver will be able to practice driving with someone who has had a NJ driver’s license for three years and is at least 21 years of age.

A “Certified Trained Driver” certificate, will be issued upon completion of the 6- hour course and should be given to the student’s insurance company for an insurance discount.



Do you need help preparing for your NJ road test?  Or do you just want to refresh your behind the wheel driving skills?

We offer a 2 hour lesson that will help you brush up. We’ll review parallel parking, K-turns, and give you some tips on how to pass the test. Don’t hesitate. It’s a great way to boost your confidence!

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Are you having trouble passing the New Jersey driving knowledge written test? Or could you just use a bit of extra help preparing? We offer a classroom tutoring session that will help you do your best on the state’s 50 question test.

During the one and a half hour class, we will review the NJ Driver Manual, chapter by chapter, and answer any questions you might have.

There is a very high success rate of passing after taking the test prep class!  The cost for this course is $75.  Please contact us to register.


South Jersey Driving School provides a top notch, professional NJ Road Test Service for our current students or anyone who needs us.

Our NJ Road Test Service includes the use of our car and helpful tips to boost your confidence. If you need help in scheduling your test or would like us to take you to your test, give us a call for more details.

Teenage Program (18 years old and under):

An appointment for your road test is made by the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) at the time they validate your permit.  This appointment will be hand-written on the bottom or back portion of your permit.  If you are between 16 and 16 ½ years old, your road test will be scheduled on or near your 17th birthday.  If you are older than 16 ½ at the time you finish your lessons, check your permit for the scheduled date.  Road test appointments are scheduled at the Cherry Hill Test Center, located at the Motor Vehicle inspection station, 617 Hampton Road, Cherry Hill, 08002 or the Delanco Test Center, 400 Creek Road, Delanco, 08075.

South Jersey Driving School offers a road test service for high school students.  The fee is CASH ONLY, payable the day of the road test.  The road test service includes pick up at home or school and taking you to your road test. If you pass your test, we will also take you to a Motor Vehicle agency to apply for your license.

When a student goes for a road test, whether it’s with South Jersey Driving School or on their own, he/she will need to show their permit and original, civil birth certificate or valid U.S. passport.  The MVC will not give a road test without these important documents.  Then, to apply for a license, additional ID is required.  Please see the 6 Point ID Verification Program brochure.  Please note:  If you plan on NOT using our road test service, and prefer to use your own car, be sure that car has an emergency brake in the center console, as well as the red decals on your front and rear license plates.  Tinted windows are unacceptable.

If you want to take advantage of our road test service, just let us know and we will call you the evening before your test and make the arrangements for pick-up location and time.  Also, feel free to call us as it gets close to your road test date to confirm that you are going with us, if that’s what you’ve decided.

* Road Test Service does not include a driving lesson. 

NJ Road Test for Adults:

An appointment for your road test was made, or will be made, by the Motor Vehicle Commission at the time they validate your permit.  This appointment is hand-written on the back or bottom of your permit.

South Jersey Driving School offers a road test service at the Cherry Hill Test Center or the Delanco Test Center.  The road test service includes picking you up at your home and taking you to your road test appointment in our car.   If you pass your test, we will go to the motor vehicle agency to apply for and pick up your license.  From there, we will take you back home, to work or to school, depending on location.  PLEASE NOTE:  This service does not include a lesson.

When you go for your road test, whether it’s with South Jersey Driving School or on your own, you will need to have proper identification.  Please follow the 6-Point ID Verification Program.  Please refer to the MVC website or the 6-Point brochure available at any Motor Vehicle Office.  This information is also on Page 9 of the NJ Driver Manual.

If you want to take advantage of our road test service, please call our office or let your instructor know.  We will call you the evening before your test and make the arrangements.  Also, feel free to call us as it gets close to your road test to confirm that you are going with us, if that’s what you’ve decided.


For more information, call us at 856-235-7333


Are you a senior citizen who needs to be evaluated for an upcoming New Jersey driver license re-test? Or do you just want us to let you know how you’re doing with your driving?  We can give you a professional evaluation of your current driving skills.

Register on our Enroll page or give us a call at 856-235-7333.


Have you always wanted to learn how to drive a manual transmission (stick shift) car? Ask about how you can learn in our Chevy Camaro!

Our 2 hour lesson will teach you how to shift gears using a clutch. If you need to learn for your job, because your family has a stick shift car or because you’ve just always wanted to learn, we’re here to help!

$225 (cash only) 
Contact us
 to register.  We look forward to hearing from you!


At South Jersey Driving School, we take pride in our students’ success. We do our best to provide quality driver education and keep the process as simple and pleasant as possible. We’ve had so many happy, successful students…we were voted the Best Driving School in Burlington County — thank you!

Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • “Words can’t thank you enough! Connor did it! He got his license! Your refresher course and assistance today were just perfect. I will most certainly pass along to everyone I know what fabulous people you are! Your professionalism is five star! Thank you, thank you again!”

    Amy Carroll, Delran Mother of Connor
  • Can't say enough good things about SJDS. The office staff is extremely pleasant and very professional (especially Siena). So friendly and truly helpful. Our oldest daughter just passed her road test today and the teachings of the instructors was highly instrumental. Highly recommend the refresher course just before the road test. We have two other daughters who will need drivers education in the near future and South Jersey Driving School is the CLEAR choice for a parent to feel not only comfortable with the education their child is receiving but also that your money (which is highly reasonable) is being well spent.   Father of Victoria

    Colin Campbell Mount Laurel, NJ
  • I met with Tony for a refresher on manual transmission. He was punctual, knowledgeable, and a lot of fun to learn from. He knew the area well, and had a solid plan of action to address the things I needed to work on. Worth every penny.

    Drew Williams
  • I am so glad that I chose this driving school. Mary Beth was amazing. I was going to cancel Because I was nervous and she called back to ease my mind. She was very knowledgeable and very helpful.I passed my test and I couldn't be more grateful for her. This woman didn't even know me but was so excited for me when I passed. Which meant more to me than she could ever understand. My godmother was supposed to be with me the day I finally got my license and she passed away. It was a Bittersweet day for me. You can tell that she loves what she does. it truly shows! Thank you!

    Jennifer Jones
  • My son's driving instructor was excellent! She was patient, joyful and she encouraged my son so much on his practice run. I am so glad that I had this company for my son! I can't wait for my 15 year old son to use this company when it's his time to take the test. Mary Beth, the owner, who was my sons instructor is the best ever! The spirit of excellence is upon this company!💕

    Crystal Davis
  • This is hands down the best driving school in New Jersey !! After failing my first road test, I am so happy and grateful I found them! Marybeth was awesome from the first phone call, she took me for an hour of practice before the test and helped me with some great tips and advice that allowed me to be more confident and ready for my test. I passed my road test earlier today and I could not have done it without Marybeth !! Thank you SJ Driving school you guys are definitely the best

    MF M
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