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Remember the day when you got your driver’s license?  It was probably one of the most liberating days of your teenage life. The time has now come to pass along that feeling of freedom.

We’re sure your teen has been getting very excited about learning how to drive and getting a driver’s license, and we understand this is a huge change in both of your lives. There will be so many things going through your mind the first day you send your teen out on their own. Will they be ok? Do they know what to do at a 4-way stop? Will they be able to park without destroying the car? That’s why we’re here – to ensure that your son or daughter is well informed and as safe as possible.

So you might be asking, “Why should I pay to send my teen to driving school when I can very well teach them myself?”

Good question! You can still teach your teen to drive, and the more practice the better. But having driver education experience since 1983, we’d love to pass on our knowledge, too. We offer the vision and written tests, Behind-the-Wheel,  stick shift lessons and more.  Also, insurance companies offer discounts upon completion of our 6-hour Behind- the-Wheel driving lesson course – and that will save you money.

You can see what other parents and students say at the bottom of this page about their experience with us, and why we were voted the Best Driving School in Burlington County.

The days of running all over town to soccer practice, dance rehearsals, part-time jobs, play practice and football games are about to come to an end! Your teen is about to experience a huge life change, and you can sit back and relax…as much as possible.

Please contact us for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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